The importance of digital tools for savings groups during COVID19

Digital savings groups can maintain transparency of group activities even if groups cannot meet up. Digitalisation also allows NGOs to follow how savings groups are doing when agents cannot visit them. Learn about the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation for savings groups and hear first hand experiences with the use of the Jamii app from savings groups in Ethiopia in this webinar. 


When: 14th May 9.30am Addis Time (UTC+3)

Who: Hosted by The webinar is open for anyone to participate but especially relevant to NGOs and institutions working with savings groups

Where: Webinar on Zoom (once signed up, link will be send prior to the event)

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What does it mean to be digital?

The importance of low-income communities being digital or using digital tools is easy to underestimate. But it is hugely important because of what being digital means:

  • Through digital tools, people are able to create a track-record, a proof of their existence: they are able to generate a digital identity.
  • It is easier, more secure and it doesn’t disappear. People acquire digital skills, which is key in a world that is becoming increasingly exclusive to the ones who are not digital.
  • Digital literacy thereby equals access and inclusion way beyond the digital tools themselves; its access to communication, financial services, and education.
  • It helps build transparency and trust. In times like these, where you cannot meet in the same way, a digital tool is even more important because it allows everyone to access information.
  • In Jamii’s case, our App automatically sends out status sms to group members; see how much they have saved up or how much they owe.
  • There is a better power dynamic, as there is a sort of third party that keep things in check.
  • Insisting to carry on using Jamii’s App is insisting on financial inclusion. 
  • On the other side of COVID19, there will be a lot of people in need for a loan, and using a digital service like Jamii creates the foundation for access to banks and loans