Keep your community safe

Group meetings

Keep yourself and others COVID19 safe during group meetings

No more than 4 people should attend the saving at the same time

Even if you don’t feel sick or have symptoms, you can still be infected with the virus. That is why it is important for everyone to follow the guidelines

Plan safe meetings

  Meet outside or in an airy room

  Prepare hand cleaning supplies 

  Members attending meeting if sick

Clean hands
Make sure that you can wash your hands or use alcohol based rub before, during & after your meetings 

  Clean hands before, during and after meetings

  Touching items with your bare hands


Keep 2-step distance
Stay a safe distance apart. Take care by keeping to yourself

  Bow your head to greet from a safe distance

  Sit two steps apart

  Cover your mouth & nose

  Hugs, kissing & hand shakes

   Let kids play at home, not at place of meeting

One-at-a-time principle
Passing things from one person to another or both going to the same thing at one time will get you too close to others

  One person at a time goes to unlock the box

  One person, takes out all items from the box and lays books on the ground so each book can be seen

  Passing books around

Clean items
Items such as the box, coins, books can be a source of transmitting disease. 

  Clean hands well before handling money & books

 Passing books, coffee, snacks or other items around

Sharing pens, calculator, phone or other items