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Hi, my name is Jamine and I am your digital guide…

Why community saving matter​

Jamii is Swahili for community because we believe in the strength of community in building a better future for all. When you save up in a group, you are using the strength of community to built a better future for you, your family and your community – a better future for all.

Why is engaging in savings with your community important for a better future for all?

Why is it important to digitalise?

The importance of digital low-income communities is easy to underestimate. But it is hugely important because of what being digital means.

Community saving in a time of corona​

You saving groups may not be able to do things like they used to when there is coronavirus. Here is how you can adapt

How to modify savings​

See ways to adapt your savings groups practices in a time of crisis


Models to keep saving

See how you can save up together in a safe when there is coronavirus

How to pause savings

See how you can withdraw savings or do an early share out and how to resume


How to digitalise

See how digital ledgers can ease the process & create trust and transparency


Download posters

See ways to adapt your savings groups practices in a time of crisis​