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5.1 Meeting for partial withdrawal of savings

In this scenario, all saving group members need to be present, at least when the decision is made so that there is an agreement by all members on how much each member will be withdrawing. If conducting a physical meeting is not possible, consent from each member should be expressed by informing a committee member preferably to the chairperson or the secretary either through a phone call or physically.

Jamiipay app users: withdrawal of savings can be registered as usual on the Jamiipay application by clicking the circular symbol at the bottom right of the ‘meeting overview’ page, then selecting ‘Make withdrawal’. The user can then register the amount of saving each member withdraws.

SG members with registered phones will get an SMS notification stating shares withdrawn and remaining in the box.

Non Jamiipay app users: secretary registers amount of savings withdrawn by each member on the ledger and their passbooks.