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4.2 Meeting date

The physical meeting date can either take the Committee Model or the Collector Model. The later is recommended since it further reduce physical gatherings. Physical cash collection of savings, loan repayment and new loans takes place on this date.

Jamiipay app users: in the case of home saving scenario, the secretary or the member that usually registers meeting activities on the app, can register all ‘at-home saving’ activities on the app each week as soon as the saving is done at home by a member.  They do not need to wait a month to meet in person to register each meeting activities. Registering at-home saving activities in the app as they happen encourages members to keep on saving and increases transparency and accountability among members

SG members with registered phone numbers will get a SMS notification of their savings, social fund contributions, etc. each week. 


Non Jamiipay users: After asking on the phone, the secretary registers at-home savings each week on the ledger. On the meeting date, members can ensure each activity is registered correctly to the main ledger and passbooks.