2.1 Opening meeting Copy

Normally a meeting would have been opened by the committee in the presence of members during the meeting day and time. However, here the meeting can be opened in the presence of only the selected committee members at the usual meeting date and time. In a situation where the group are using the Jamiipay app it would be advisable to let members with smartphones be part of the team.

Key holders can come one at a time to unlock the box. The secretary can take all items outside the box and lay it on the ground for all committee members to see. To avoid passing around of the passbooks, members can observe registration of all meeting activities by the secretary from a safe distance.

Jamiipay app users: opening meeting can be registered like usual on the app by adding a new meeting and entering the counted current amount of money in the box.

SG members with registered phones will get an SMS notification stating the meeting has now opened along the current amount of money in the box.


Non Jamiipay app users: committee members can verify current amount of money in the box with previous notes or can ask each other if the amount matches with the last meeting. They can inform this as each member drops by for saving.