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3.6. Closing the meeting

In this scenario the meeting will be closed by the collectors. The collectors play a crucial role in ensuring documentation of each meeting activity and that COVID-19 safety measures are taken by everyone. At the very end, money collected will be counted taking all the safety measures needed by the counters. All items will be put back in the box and key holders one by one lock the box.

Jamiipay app users:closing meeting can be registered like usual on the app by clicking on ‘Box’ from the meeting overview and entering current amount of money in the box at the end of the meeting.

SG members with registered phones will get an SMS notification stating the meeting is now closed along with the box amount

Non Jamiipay users: committee members can ensure each activity is registered correctly and current amount of money in the box at the end of the meeting can be registered at the back of the ledger or on a piece of paper.