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3.3 Meeting of collectors

After all the savings has been done the collector meets with the other collectors later in the day to place the money into the main box.  Key holders can come one at a time to unlock the keys. The secretary can take all items outside the box and lay it on the ground for all collectors to see. Bare hand contact when handling meeting items should be avoided. Where applicable, clothes or gloves should be used when handling items.

Handling the money collected in a safe manner

The money collected on that day from all collectors can be a source of transmission for the virus. If resources like gloves are available, the money in this pouch can be counted and put together with the rest of the money in the box. If gloves are not available, counters should thoroughly wash their hands before and after counting the money. If both options are not available, the money collected on that day should be placed in a separate pouch in the main box without touching anything and this can be counted again before the beginning of the next meeting. This would ensure enough time to get rid of any virus on the money collected.

Registration of meeting activities

The secretary registers attendance, savings, social fund and loan repaid on the ledger and passbooks based on the information the collectors give. For Jamiipay users, this is already registered in the app and the receipt SMS sent to the member’s phone.