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3.1 Opening meeting

The collectors open the meeting: Here, the meeting can be opened when the committee/the collectors decide that the meetings is open. We recommend the date and time of opening a meeting be kept the same as before, but the closing time can be adapted as seen fit by the group.

Jamiipay app users: opening meeting can be registered like usual on the app by adding a new meeting and entering the current amount of money in the box. The meeting can be left open in the app for a prolonged time.

SG members with registered phones will get an SMS notification stating the meeting has now opened along the current amount of money in the box and their current personal savings. This notifies members that they can now go towards their nearest collector to place their savings.


Non Jamiipay app users: Members visit the nearest collector at agreed upon meeting date and time which marks the opening of the meeting. Collectors can verify current amount of money in the box with previous notes. Collectors can inform this as each member drops by for saving.