3. Collector Model

Keep meeting but take precautions and follow government guidelines

This scenario applies when members want to hold a meeting, but all members cannot physically meet.

What is a collector?

A collector is a selected member whose main task is to collect money from members closest to their residence acting as a temporary proxy box. Collectors would then later in the day meet to deposit the money collected to the main box, to register each activity and verify total amount of money in the box before it gets locked. It’s better to have multiple people to be part of collectors to conduct the meeting as this means minimizing the contact with people and lowering the risk on one collecting person to sustain the group meetings.

Selection of collectors

Selection of collectors should be agreed by all members of the saving group. Several members can be selected as collectors, preferably existing committee members can serve as collectors but others can join too to provide the service near residences of all members. In a situation where the group are using the Jamiipay app, it would be advisable to let members with smartphones be part of the collector team. Furthermore, having members with higher literacy level can be advantageous for registration purposes.


If applicable, a secretary can call around all members to check who will be attending the meeting and then register that on the Jamiipay app or the ledger. This will reduce time needed to take attendance and assist collector to plan ahead on who to expect for collection of savings.


  • Selected members are chosen as collectors
  • Members place their savings on meeting date and time to the nearest collector
  • Collectors meet up later in the day to put savings collected in the main box

Safety Checklist

To conduct the Collector Model safely, all the Safety checklist of this guideline must be met. 

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