Community saving during COVID-19

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Hi, my name is Jamine and I am your digital guide…

I will guide you though what you can do in a situation where COVID-19 is changing the circumstances of your savings group

How can your savings group adapt?

These times may mean that you have to change your savings group practices.

Let me give you four examples on how you can continue to save up in your group, even if all members cannot meet because of COVID-19

1. Safe meeting model

Keep the usual group meeting format but apply coronavirus precautions

2. Committee model

Members drop by just for saving – only selected committee members stay for the entirety of the meeting

3. Collector model

Place your savings to a collector near your house instead of physically going to a meeting

4. Home saving model

Continue to save – but in your own home

When all members cannot be part of meetings, it is difficult for them to know what is going on…

By digitalising the record keeping of the group, all members can see their own savings and loans, how much the group have saved up and much more

Digital savings groups with Jamiipay Group application

Make it easier for groups to continue going through COVID-19 by making record keeping, quick, simple and available to everyone. Increase transparency and accountability with Jamiipay Group app

In a crisis, members may need to take out some or all of their savings. Let me guide you on how this can be done…

… but remember, your group is so much more than money in a box. So make sure to start saving again right away, even if it is just a little.

5. Partial share withdrawl

If members need some of their money now, then you can withdraw some with a partial withdrawal

6. Early share out

If members need all of their money now you can do an early share out.

Remember that anyone can get sick from COVID-19. So keep your community safe and  follow your governments guidelines.